Procedures offered by Dr Rendani Tshikosi:

  • Laparoscopic surgery: Laparoscopic or keyhole surgery is a type of surgery performed through a tiny incision in the skin. The incision is usually made away from the actual site of the area which needs treating. The incision is usually 1.5cm or less across, so it leaves very little scarring... Find out more
  • Colposcopy: A colposcopy is a procedure that offers a detailed examination of the cervix, using a special microscope called a colposcope. The colposcope allows a magnified view of the cervix, vulva and vagina. It is usually a short, outpatient procedure. Find out more
  • Office Hysteroscopy: A hysteroscopy is a procedure that is used to diagnose the causes of abnormal bleeding. The procedure allows Dr Tshikosi to look inside your uterus with a special tool called a hysteroscope. A hysteroscope is a lighted, thin, tube that is inserted into the vagina to examine the inside of the uterus and the cervix. Hysteroscopy can be a part of a diagnostic procedure or an operative procedure. Dr Tshikosi conducts hysteroscopy procedures in the comfort of his private practice... Find out more
  • LLETZ: LEEP is an electrosurgical excision procedure used to diagnose and treat abnormal or cancerous conditions in the cervix. During the procedure, abnormal cells are removed from the cervix and sent to the lab for testing, to confirm the extent of the cell abnormalities. The procedure also makes sure the entire area of the cervix that contains the abnormal cells is removed... Find out more